My Son Jordan
Photo: Carla Gahr

Many of you ask about my son Jordan who used to tour with me in various capacities- from booking agent and road manager to keyboard player, vocalist, percussionist, and harmonica player. People frequently talk about his beautiful vocals on Walk In Jerusalem from my "Ain't I A Woman" CD, and I have even encountered audiences who call out his name in unison. No doubt music will be on the agenda again some time in the future, but currently Jordan is extremely busy as a successful designer in upstate New York where he operates his business, Synergy Design. With a degree from Harvard, Jordan is an eco-designer specializing in architecture, green building and site design, sustainable living solutions, passive energy systems, water conservation, and alternative zero-discharge waste water treatment, and is designing cutting edge innovative geothermal systems as seen below.

Jordan standing besides two high-efficiency natural gas Laars Neotherm hydronic boilers (with associated heating distribution pipes in background) which he designed as an upgraded heating system in place of the (6) existing low efficiency oil boilers. For the domestic hot water (sinks, showers, laundry, etc), Jordan designed a hybrid geothermal - ultra high efficiency natural gas heating system. Working in collaboration with National Hot Water™ , this project was for an install at the Newton Housing Authority, in Newton, New Jersey. They have gained national recognition for their alternative high efficiency approach, based on the described systems which Jordan designed.