CD Reviews

"If you like music steeped in tradition and genuine feeling, this is your woman."
People Magazine

"Her playing is perfect, her singing otherworldly as she wrestles with ghosts, shadows and legends."
The New York Times

"A living landmark, the finest contemporary purveyor of the Mississippi Delta Country Blues tradition of which (Robert) Johnson was the leading exponent."
Berkeley Express

"Rory Block has become one of the world's most important preservers of the roots of American music.. she has become a national treasure in the form of an uncompromising mature blues artist."
Guitar Extra

"Today she is widely regarded as the top female interpreter and authority on traditional country blues worldwide."
The Blues Foundation

"Rory Block has been an inspiration to me since we started out years ago. Her guitar playing, singing and songwriting are some of the most soulful in traditional and modern blues."
Bonnie Raitt

"One of today's great exponents of Delta Blues guitar.. playing and singing styles so true to Delta tradition that they might have been honed on the banks of the Mississippi.. the finest effort of the guitarist's distinguished career."
Guitar World

"Rory's superb renderings display her deep passion and instinct for historic preservation.. Her fierce acoustic attack- body pounds, potent bass-string snaps, precision rhythms- recall the great Willie Brown."
Guitar Player

"Female sensitivity sheathed in steel.. pure thunder. She's spellbinding!"
Cash Box

"Singing as if every syllable were filled with an explosive charge, she makes traditional blues tunes sound menacing, ecstatic, redemptive, and, most important, as if they were her own."
Boston Phoenix

"One of America's foremost Country Blues torchbearers, she's a breathtaking slash-'n'-burn guitarist and a supremely soulful, sexy vocalist."
Albany Times Union

"..she has created an approach that is so distinguished, so forceful and yet so subtle that it can only be called inimitable.. She's a one-in-a-million interpreter."
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"..masterful guitar playing..majestic..a one-woman chorus."
USA Today

"Rory Block has emerged as one of the best blues performers of her generation. But her talent and musical interpretations take her way beyond this or any other single realm of expression.. This mature, passionate artist is the real deal!"
Album Network - Burbank, CA

"Block can be counted among the 'modern' masters of the blues.."
Telegram & Gazette - Worcester, MA

"Rory Block is not only one of the finest contemporary exponents of Country Blues guitar playing, but she is a well-rounded artist with depth, vision and feeling."
RELIX - Brooklyn, NY

"From its first slide note to its last guitar strum, Confessions of a Blues Singer provides a heavy dose of the real, raw Delta blues... Block rips into the primal sound of the traditional folk-blues she cut her teeth on. The result is an acoustic tour de force... Block is absolutely hypnotic in her focused fervor... This album proves that Rory Block is one of the greatest living acoustic blues artists and that she can hold her own with the legends who inspired her."
Blues Revue

"Some of the most singular and affecting Country Blues anyone, man or woman, black or white, old or young, has cut in recent years."
Rolling Stone


"There are few experiences like being bowled over by an artistic performance. About 600 to 700 acoustic blues and folk fans experienced that wonderful feeling Sunday as Rory Block showed why she's won four WC Handy Awards in the past few years... Powerful at every twist and turn, this American woman left the stage to the kind of spontaneous standing ovation that erupts on the spur of the moment... First it was Terraplane Blues with all it's sexual innuendo percolating into an instrumental climax, which was followed by a soul-searing interpretation of If I Had Posession Over Judgement Day. If you desire some of this kind of material for your home system check out Rory Block's '98 Rounder release Confessions Of A Blues Singer... When it was all said and done this observer couldn't help but think it was one of the finest mini-concerts ever turned in at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival."
Peter North

"Impassioned blues act New York born singer/songwriter/guitarist Rory Block, although greeted by a typical chilly, grey winter's day on her arrival at Sunderland's Ropery, didn't have her fire dampened as she almost set alight the atmosphere charged venue.

..the level of anticipation neared fever pitch as Rory Block, exponent of Delta blues in its purest form, appeared. Seated, an acoustic steel-strung guitar in hand, rocking to and fro, her high heeled shoes stomping as her fingers belted out a gut thumping beat and sound waves vibrated round the room.

..Her raw firey style, passed down by such masters as Son House, Mississippi Fred McDowell and the mystical Robert Johnson, was always in evidence as the music rained down - thunderstorm fashion. Whether delivering nerve tingling, self-penned songs from her own emotional experiences or authentic unshaven heart-rending smoking interpretations of the aforementioned plus Kansas Joe McCoy, Tommy Johnson ('Canned Heat') and Buddy Boy Hawkins, this erstwhile student of the blues not only rattled along the rails but ripped some of them up.

Her pounding rhythms, the unashamed honesty, and her own standing in music (arguably best viewed by others - Bonnie Raitt citing her as being a 'great inspiration', typical of the esteem in which she's held by her contemporaries). Versions of 'Big Road Blues', 'If I Had Posession Over Judgement Day', Robert Johnson's curtain closer "Come On In My Kitchen', and with her son, the talented Jordan Valdina (for confirmation hear Rory's latest album 'Confessions Of A Blues Singer'), lending harmonica/vocal harmony on 'Gypsy Boy'. . ."
Maurice Hope

"The woman who walked out on stage did not fit any of my stereotypes, but her music had the soulful passion of someone who had always known the blues... For such a tiny lady her stage presence and the force behind her music was quite awesome... At the end you felt almost as if you were the only one in the concert hall. She was so personal and down to earth and each song became more than a song... this woman was sheer genius... So many sounds and feelings emanated from the stage that it was hard at times to imagine only one woman on the stage. Her amazing acoustic guitar was matched by her great lyrics. Without being trite, she was able to touch deep and very human issues in her songs. When I hear music that touches my soul the way Rory Block's did, I feel like I have just won the lottery."
Aberdeen, Scotland

Kicking it off with a tribute to Bessie Smith, she leads us into the land of jellyrolls, poodles and all that other sexy stuff we never really got as kids wondering what they were singing about. A modern musician as well as a great historian, all Grammy voters within the view of my words ought to make a point of moving down the ballot to the blues category this year and giving Block the sugar that belongs in her bowl. Killer stuff. The mantle has been passed to the new empress of the blues.
Chris Spector - Midwest Record - Chicago

... on this acoustic masterpiece, Block does everything herself... All this proves that Block, like Smith, is an important "Power Woman of the Blues". She is a strong contender for the most influential acoustic artist of our time.
Making A Scene

Rory Block is an interpreter par excellence. Not only is she is more than up to the task of delivering material associated with the greats, she has an uncanny ability to capture the essence of the original while letting her own artistry shine through. Her voice comes with its own, instantly identifiable survivor's rasp, and her guitar work is equally stunning. There is no doubt that someday there will be many a tribute album to the great Rory Block.
... ten gorgeous performances in settings that shine new light on Bessie's songs... a remarkable tribute to Bessie Smith.
John Valenteyn - Toronto Blues Society
... Her voice is so evocative of these songs it's easy to imagine the woman as one of the second-generation originators. These are sensuous stripped-down creations, with Block playing all the instruments, which include hat boxes, plastic storage bins, wooden spoons and whatever else gets the job done... It's one musician and their deep blues, with the courage to express every feeling there is.
Bentley's Bandstand
After a series of stunning tributes to bluesmen that she's encountered in her life, Rory launches her new "power women of the blues" series with this magnificent tribute to Bessie Smith...
The Rock Doctor- Canada
Rory Block now turns her massive talents toward the distaff side with the first of her series entitled "Power Women Of The Blues," with "A Woman's Soul: A Tribute To Bessie Smith". The whole thing is a stone gas from start to finish, likely as Bessie would have wanted. Rory Block has captured the soul and essence of one of the pioneer women of the blues
Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society
This is how I like my blues. Entirely acoustic with multi-tracked accompaniment... gorgeous, masterful guitar playing... fervent passion... relaxed but riveting, powerful performances... Block's execution is stellar... Block plums the emotional depths of these songs so effectively they sound inspirational...
Fervor Coulee -
One of the greatest contemporary acoustic blues artists, guitarist-vocalist Rory Block has paid tribute to many greats... Having her fashion an homage to a female legend- Bessie Smith, "The Empress of The Blues'- was a natural move for Block... Her vibrant vocals do justice to the legend, injecting ample fire, soul and grit into each performance. Block delivers all the spice... she's seductive and sassy... Block's slide guitar throughout is just as impressive as her voice... The artist, a five-time Blues Music Award winner, honors tradition and builds upon it.
Pop Culture Classics - Paul Freeman
Rory Block has immersed herself in the blues for literally her entire adult life and part of her teenage years as well. Her five decade career, her prowess as a guitarist/vocalist, and her respect for the history and traditions of the blues have propelled her to the forefront of the American blues pantheon... Rory does not try to imitate Smith but rather updates her music... The songs survive in a different form and format and while they are lodged in the past, they remain powerful... It is a wonderful call from the past that should not go unheeded.
David Bowling - CASHBOX
Fans of early Blues music are in for a rare treat, with Rory Block- A Woman's Soul- A Tribute To Bessie Smith. For this 10-track release, it's all Rory Block, with no outside distractions and the result is something wonderful.
Luxury Experience
Smith's provocative and bawdy lyrics find new life in Block's lilting raspy voice, drenched in sass and soul. Block's acoustic arrangements and peerless chops are the perfect combo and deliver a stellar recording... A Woman's Soul sizzles, shakes and satisfies with the passion and conviction that only acoustic blues can evoke... clarity of tone and superlative slide... Every performance is a gem here... she is truly an artist at the zenith of her musical talents in full control of her vision and direction.
James Filkins - Minor 7th
...Block is finally able to realize her creative dream and record this historic material with her own soulful, deeply respectful stamp and acoustic musical skill... She has devised a brilliant, ten-track program of Smith's more familiar work, interspersed with rarely performed gems. Up first is a sassy take on Do Your Duty, featuring some excellent guitar work by Block, as well as her husky, sexy, powerful pipes... On every track, the authentic blues feel, the intricate guitar and percussion work... and Block's multi-textured and irresistible vocal chops, deliver it all. No doubt, Miss Bessie Smith would be proud!
Lesley Mitchell-Clarke - The Whole Note


"... liberating and exhilarating... nothing short of triumphant... she touches the guitar (and the songs themselves) with the carefree confidence of a modern-day master."
Greg Victor -

"... uniformly top-notch... unsparingly hard-edged in its engagement with Christian celebration and blues despair. The two are fused uneasily, and to chilling effect... Block cuts deep and rises high."

"A real triumph... If contemporary acoustic country blues guitar picking is your thing you gotta hear this disc, it comes with a big thumbs up from me."
Phil Wight - Blues & Rhythm magazine (UK)

"... 100% on the mark... As far as I'm concerned, this is the pinacle of the woman's career... It may be that Rory Block has redefined what it means to pay proper tribute to the elder masters... hauntingly accurate, soul deep, and moving... the bar has been raised significantly..."
Mark S. Tucker - FAME

"...considered to be the foremost female authority on playing pre-WWII country blues... unbridled passion and emotion... I Belong To The Band is one of her crowning achievements!"

Rory Block is one of the finest guitarists in the world, bar none... This CD is a beautiful piece, immaculately played and delivered with power, authority and a love that is obvious from beginning to end... This is gospel at its finest... A masterful guitarist and superb vocalist… a level of passion seldom captured on a recording...



Shake ‘Em On Down is the latest in a long line of superior blues releases by Rory Block.”
David Bowling - Blog Critics

“... a subdued gem of an album... moments of inestimable beauty... equal parts lust and longing... Rory Block has brought heightened grandeur to the man's legend and legacy."
David McGee- The Bluegrass Special

"It’s simply a killer by a player at the top of her game.  Hot stuff throughout."
Chris Spector - Midwest Record - Chicago, IL

“The name Rory Block is synonymous with the word legend in the world of blues... She’s revered for her talents, she’s critically acclaimed...”

“... yet another brilliant release from Rory Block, one that pays tribute to a Legendary Artist by an Artist who is certainly heading in the direction of legendary status, herself.”
John Vermilyea - Blues Underground Network

“Block has incredible vocal range... she digs down to the depth of her soul... she conveys so much emotion that you can believe she not only understands what the originators felt, but she’s experienced the same feelings.”
Jeff Johnson - Chicago Sun-Times

“Shake 'Em On Down is sexy and salacious... Block spits out the lyrics with a passion... driving guitar groove... edgy vocals... another fine addition to Block's growing catalog of tribute discs."
Mark Smith -

"She has mastered the acoustic country blues sound. Her guitar work is superior... This is a woman who continues to amaze. She has won many awards and I expect her to win more with this excellent offering."
Jerry W. Henry - Tannehill Trader Monthly - Birmingham, AL


"... as feisty, fierce and compelling as the masters she honors and interprets... Haunted and hallowed, Block's performance is nerve raw throughout, cutting vocally and instrumentally through the years, into your soul."
Mike Jurkovic - The Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

"... truly haunting... as deep and personal as authentic blues gets... extreme passion and depth... A most highly recommended recording..."
Michael G. Nastos - All Music Guide (

"... The tension between Block's searing guitar work and the pain in her voice is so palpable you can only echo the query made by Son himself after he first heard her perform: "Where did she learn to play like this?'... Close to the earth and close to the heart, that's Blues Walkin' Like A Man, yes indeed."
David McGee - The Bluegrass Special

"... The album brims with tasty slide playing and thumping strumming, but Block's ability to vocally channel the haunting origins of this music is as moving as her guitar work."
Shawn Hammond - Guitar Player Magazine

"...Rory Block interprets 13 of Son House's most powerful blues songs... imbuing them with the visceral quality of the master, himself, channeling that energy through both her vocals and searing guitar playing."

“... Block’s one of the finest acoustic blues performers going... She’s also a first-class guitar player and treats this stuff as fire and brimstone, Old Testament tablets, not to be trifled with.”
Bob Mersereau - Telagraph Journal

"... passionate guitar playing... vocals that have been described as "otherwordly"... she is pure Americana, purveying our nation's roots music with an uncompromising passion matched by few others."
Fred Adams - An Honest Tune (

"... powerful... fiery... Blues Walkin' Like A Man is a loving tribute by Rory Block... If there's justice in the world, not only will this disc reap benefits for Ms. Block, but it will also turn on a new generation of blues fans to one of the most powerful and influential blues guitarists ever."
Graham Clarke - Blues Bytes

“... a stunning new release from blues traditionalist Rory Block... amazing guitar licks and emotive, wrenching vocals...
Jim Hynes - Elmore

another review by Jim Hynes:

“... otherworldly... downright sexy... posessed by that same indescribable spirit of the original Delta bluesmen... Today Rory is certainly regarded as the foremost interpreter of traditional country blues... an absolutely mesmerizing tribute.”
Jim Hynes - ADC Media Guide

“...Rory Block represents blues royalty... One of the most skilled acoustic guitarists in any musical genre... vision... inspiration... a scholar’s knowledge and a poet’s approach...
Rev. Kieth A. Gordon -

“... With this tribute, Block has unlocked the very essence of the blues.”
Michael Verity - Blues Revue

“... beautiful... harrowing... I have Son House’s “Death Letter” album (1965) on vinyl, and ‘Blues Walkin’ Like A Man’ gives the same feeling of being surrounded by uneasy ghosts... you’ll love this album... ‘Blues Walkin’ Like A Man’ is THE blues album of ‘08.”
John Kereif - Rossland, BC

"... spine-tingling... Rory Block more than honors Son House's memory: she sets the standard for acoustic blues tribute records."
Eric Steiner - Washington State Blues Society

"...what might surely be one of the highest notes of her brilliant career... immense knowledge and expertise of the Acoustic Guitar... a voice that can rival any of her peers... You will truly not see it done much better than the way Rory Block plays it."
John Vermilyea - Blues Underground Network

"...a force to be reckoned with... She has become one of the world's most recognized female guitarists, musicians, and interpreters of Delta Blues... There is no one on the planet who could top the originals, period... "
Ben Cox - Juke Joint Soul

"... the feeling is of being in a Baptist church... a graveyard mojo of Block standing at the crossroads wearing a long black veil... Rory can sing gospel with the best of them... if you are looking for a time portal to go back into the era of levee camps and field hollers, where true acoustic blues predated electricity, Rory Block can take you there."
Gary Weeks - Illinois Blues Society (

"... a collection of interpretations that highlight the brilliance of both the teacher and the student... channeling Bessie Smith at midnight, Block doesn't so much as sing as impart eerie invocation..."

“Rory Block’s tribute to the blues pioneer Son House reflects an intimate and savvy awareness of her tie to a blues genius. Rather than merely paying homage to her mentor, Block performs 13 of her teacher’s songs imbued with her own brand of slashing slide guitar virtuosity and fiery vocal pyrotechnics.”

"Rory Block's life-long involvement with the blues has reached a new high point with this release."
System Records (

"Rory Block, long one of the finest contemporary interpreters of traditional Delta blues, devotes this intense and compelling CD to the songs of Son House..."
Mike Regenstreif - Montreal Gazette

"Block has quietly been making some of the best music of her career the past few years."

“... Rory Block is a brilliant, talented musician whose vocals and guitar prowess are perfectly suited to bring Son House's music to a wider audience. Do yourself a favor and check out "Blues Walkin' Like A Man" today!!
Sheryl and Don Crow - Music City Blues Society

"Technically flawless... a time capsule of Son House and his music..."
Turbula Music (

"A 1965 meeting between House and the 15-year old guitar prodigy set Block rambling down the blues highway, a trip that has brought the artist international recognition and five Blues Music Awards..."
Rev. Keith A. Gordon -

"Traditionally minded modern-day blues empress..."
Elderly Instruments (


"Like Jimi Hendrix’s air-raid rendition of “The StarSpangled Banner,”
you won’t believe your ears."
Santa Monica Mirror

"Last real deal, more like it... she's got the funk... Pick, sister, pick."

"this is the finest album of Rory Block's long career, and yet it feels like a signpost of things to come. Last Fair Deal is potent, profound, medicine."
All Music Guide

" arresting mix of sex and spirituality, sacred and profane.
It has passion and intensity, along with excellent musicianship...a guilty pleasure."
Tuscaloosa News

"Playing with heart and soul non pareil, this is a must for the true contemporary blues fan."
Midwest Record Recap

"This has got to be one of the most eye opening CDs that I have gotten in many a year..."

"...a stunning mix of covers and original material that taps the essence of Southern soul and pays homage to the masters of Delta blues."


"Praise the heavens, this woman can soar with a vocal range that must hit at least seven octaves - and she can unleash a blues explosion on acoustic guitar with a slide for the fuse. The title song has enough shakin' and bakin' to burn those extra calories, but it's her stunning voice that gives you a workout through a firewalk on 2000-degree coals with blistering gospel numbers like Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down. Love has found a maiden as strong as steel when someone has to take a stand and be the backbone of R&B tradition, or as delicate as silk when Rory's got the testifying need to be Talkin' Bout My Man."
Mitch Lopate - Gritz Magazine - Best of 2002


"From its first slide note to its last guitar strum, Confessions of a Blues Singer provides a heavy dose of the real, raw Delta blues... Block rips into the primal sound of the traditional folk-blues she cut her teeth on. The result is an acoustic tour de force... Block is absolutely hypnotic in her focused fervor... This album proves that Rory Block is one of the greatest living acoustic blues artists and that she can hold her own with the legends who inspired her."
Blues Revue


"This carefully culled compilation from five Rounder albums goes to the heart of Block's artistry: interpretations of traditional Country Blues. Robert Johnson, Charlie Patton, and Skip James are a few of the legends Block takes on with acoustic slide guitar, transforming their work into tales of her own spiritual and sexual struggles with a paint-blistering voice. The high point is her version of Son House's 'Preaching Blues,' which Block ever so gently eroticizes, turning the song's gospel call of 'I'm going to preach the blues' into a breathless, orgasmic cry. Singing as if every syllable were filled with an explosive emotional charge, she makes traditional blues tunes sound menacing, ecstatic, redemptive, and, most important, as if they were her own."
Norman Weinstein - The Boston Phoenix

" of the most listenable music-history lessons yet committed to disc.. Her reworkings of three Skip James cuts are whole-soul workouts, ('Devil Got My Man,' in particular, is a dynamo), showcasing Block's vocal flexibility and dynamic upper range. Robert Johnson, too, is thrice represented, including one of his quintessential cuts, 'Hellhound On My Trail.' Block's rendition sets a modern standard for interpretation.. The vocals are some of her gutsiest and rawest, and her slurred phrasing coaxes new dark life out of Johnson's harrowing words."
Mountain Express - Black Mountain, NC

"Block is a powerful guitarist, whether fingerpicking or easing up the fretboard with a slide, and her voice is emotionally charged. Featuring songs by such legends as Son House, Skip James, and Robert Johnson, this 24-song collection is a testament to her power as an interpreter of the genre, and her stature as one of today's premier blues artists."
Richard Paton - The Blade - Toledo, OH

"As the winner of the 1995 WC Handy Award for the Best Acoustic Blues Album of the Year, Rory Block has received well deserved recognition for a lifetime of dedication to and love of the blues. This CD is a wonderful collection of 24 tracks compiled from five of Rory's previously released albums. This CD, and the title track 'Gone Woman Blues' from her 1996 Tornado album, is dedicated to Nicole Brown. This collection offers a great place to start for anyone who may have missed Rory's 11 previous Rounder releases, a number that humbles even me. Rory Block is a treasure, and there is gold in this CD. For proof, just listen to her haunting renditions of Nehemiah 'Skip' James' songs 'Devil Got My Man' and 'Cypress Grove.' Wow!"
Michael "Wolf" Spicer - Music City Blues - Nashville, TN


"One of these days, the world is going to wake up to the greatness of Rory Block. Based on her fine new album, 'Tornado,' that day should be now. Sure, Block's music is rooted in the deep blues. And yes, she's still one of the most powerful singers and guitar players around - a power that on 'Tornado' is amplified by a band that features such guests as Paul Shaffer, Will Lee and, on one tune, vocals by Mary Chapin Carpenter. But like all great artists, Block transcends styles. That's what she does on 'Tornado,' which features mostly original, blues based music that seems to come from a place deep inside her. Most of the lyrics on 'Tornado' are about love and loss. But the passion behind those words doesn't just come from Block's cut-to-the-bone, leave-you-gasping voice or her fervent acoustic guitar playing. It comes from the religious spirit that infuses such songs as the wordless 'Gone Woman Blues.' It comes from the chilling power of lines like 'I played the woman, who loved the frozen man/A never ending waiting game that fit into your plan.' It comes from the stark beauty of evocative words like 'I saw your face in Paris, on a dark and smoky night/smoldering like a man obsessed, fear was in your eyes.' Yes, what ultimately makes Rory Block one of America's most expressive musicians is her ability to translate what we all feel into articulate, expressive song."
Stephen Israel - Times Herald Record - Middletown, NY

"One of the most moving singer/songwriters who deals head-on with what life throws at her is Rory Block. Rory sings about love and loss, as well as pain and joy. Her music rises like the awakening of a new day, flows like a rushing river and reaches into the deepest cell of one's being. Rory indeed has suffered in her life, losing a child at an early age. Her music reflects her pain, working through the necessary grieving to a centered place of internal healing. Her voice is as powerful as her emotions, yet as sweet and gentle as an angel in flight. Rory's new CD, Tornado, reaches heights only attainable by those who dare to try. The CD combines a soulful contemporary sound with her signature acoustical blues/folk guitar work."
Jet City Bluesletter

"..Rory Block has a problem, but it's one that most musicians would kill to be burdened with.. she's simply too talented to be contained. One of America's foremost Country Blues torchbearers, she's a breathtaking slash-'n'-burn guitarist and a supremely soulful, sexy vocalist. But while she rakes in reams of international press raves as a blues interpreter, Block's talent as a songwriter is all too often overlooked. Her new, self-produced album should help to rectify that situation without alienating longtime fans. She opens with the traditional 'Mississippi Bottom Blues' and turns Andy Barnes' 'The Last Leviathan' into a subtle but gut-wrenching vocal tour-de-force. But the focus of the album is clearly on Block's own songwriting skills, showcased by ten superb originals that range from the solo 'Gone Woman Blues' (dedicated to Nicole Brown Simpson) to sublime pop like 'Pictures Of You' to the jazz-flecked closer 'Bright Spirit.' Yes, she's got a few high-profile friends on board to help her out- Mary Chapin Carpenter, Paul Shaffer and David Lindley, to name a few- but this is Block's album all the way. And as usual, Block is brilliant."
Greg Haymes - Times Union - Albany, NY

"Block reaches a brilliant peak on her latest release, 'Tornado,' an expansive 11-song disc that just might bring her a well-deserved breakthrough. Like her friend Mary Chapin Carpenter, (who adds vocals on the lovely 'You Didn't Mind'), Block imbues her country/pop songs with passion and pain, keeping them tied to the pathos of the blues.. At the center of 'Tornado' swirl Block's dead-on-vocals, earthy six string mastery and powerful songwriting taking the blues to new, captivating heights."
Upper East Side Resident - NY, NY

"..she has created an approach that is so distinguished, so forceful and yet so subtle that it can only be called inimitable. She isn't a classic Delta blues singer-guitarist-songwriter. She's a one in a million interpreter of all that she values in what came before her. Her new album, 'Tornado' (Rounder), flashes across an emotional landscape that is as electrifying as its title. She ranges on it from the traditional measures of "Mississippi Bottom Blues' and 'Gone Woman Blues' to the soul-searching tenderness of 'You Didn't Mind' and 'Indian Ernie' in an easy stretch.. At her best, Block plays guitar with the dynamic impact of the grand masters and her sense of real drama never fails her. She's deeply committed to what she's doing and it shows in everything she does.."
Jim Kelton - Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Rory Block is known as one of the greatest blues guitar players of her time. She has earned that reputation, but it is also unfairly limiting. She has also established herself as a powerful vocalist and emerged as a talented songwriter. Her music is not confined to the blues; in fact, it is difficult to describe her sound in stylistic terms.. A recording artist for the past 15 years, Rory has released her most diverse and challenging album, 'Tornado..' a stirringly personal and diverse piece of work....emotion permeates this recording. On the covers, it is evident she relates to the songs; on her originals, it is evident that she lives them. Rory Block is not attempting to craft pop songs that will show up on top 40 lists. These songs are not meant to taste sweet and then melt in your mouth, drawing you to them with cute hooks and catchy phrases. These are songs from the heart, pure and personal glimpses of a life. While they succeed on several levels, it is their emotional depth which brings the listener back time and time again. There is a truly haunting quality to these songs, as if the singer is sharing her innermost pains and joys, emotions which linger long after the music has stopped.. Rarely have I heard so much sincere and honest emotion permeate an album. I eagerly anticipate her next."
Happenings - SW FL

"..As a mainstream 'adult-rock' album, Tornado, Block's latest Rounder Records release, is above average; as a heartfelt statement from a respected blues artist, it's a personal breakthrough. Block creates some three and four-part harmonies that will send your spine into a shivering frenzy, her material has more depth and thought than 99 percent of the stuff used as an excuse for blues-guitar wank-fests, and she proves herself to be as adept at soul and rock as she is on acoustic blues numbers.."
Willamette Week - Portland, OR


"When A Woman Gets The Blues, Rory's latest release on Rounder Records, is a stunning collection of classic Delta tunes performed by one of the best acoustic blues musicians in the world. Rory grew up in Greenwich Village during the acoustic revival of the early 1960's and she learned her art literally at the feet of blues legends such as Son House and Reverend Gary Davis. And she learned it well. Her guitar style is passionate, often times anguished, and is as expressive as her vocals. This combination perfectly coveys the fiery emotions that underlie Country Blues. In the liner notes, Block writes how overjoyed she is to witness the resurgence of this traditional American art form. She should also take pride in the role that she has played in keeping the Country Blues flame burning brightly through those lean years, while at the same time evolving into one of its greatest creative forces.
Brian Dempsey - 20th Century Guitar Magazine

"..a brilliant album.. Block binds the songs of House, Skip James, Charlie Patton, Blind Willie McTell and other forefathers to her own grace and fire. Her guitar echoes a simple authenticity sprung from intensive study of the masters, and her singing is its own bold, expressive creature.."
A&E; Entertainment Almanac

"Rory Block is known for her masterful guitar work and vocals so strong, clear, and intent that the listener (or participant) is left with a few possible responses; awe, rapture, hair raising high on end.. Indeed, Rory is recognized as one of the foremost interpreters of traditional Country Blues style. When it comes to blues, this woman does not just play the blues, she declares them. Her acclaimed 1995 release When A Woman Gets The Blues received the WC Handy Award for Best Acoustic Blues Album of the Year, recognition well deserved and due.."
Soundwave Music News